Impact Science is committed to joining hands with researchers worldwide and enabling the spread of timely, accurate information related to the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak.

To that end, we are offering free research communication services for studies related to 2019-nCoV.
This offer is valid for a limited period.

How this works

1. Please complete the form and upload your paper.

2. Our customer support team will contact you by email to complete the order process and confirm your order.

3. When the assignment is complete, you will receive an email explaining how to download the files from your account.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • The topic of your article must relate to 2019-nCoV; its origin and spread; remedial medication; health (physical and mental) conditions; and social, economic, political, administrative/governmental outcomes. Studies only mentioning or comparing the virus or outbreak to another virus/outbreak/epidemic will not be eligible.
  • The offer is valid till April 30, 2020.

About us

If a researcher makes a discovery, and no one hears about it, can it truly improve human life? The strategic communication and amplification brand of Cactus Communications, Impact Science was conceived to provide author-centric bespoke services to enhance research impact throughout and beyond the project life cycle.

We use nuanced understanding of digital communication to aid publishers, journals, learned societies, and authors with the repurposing and marketing of traditionally published scientific content to both niche and lay audiences.

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